How do you know if you or a Friend, Family. a Parent, Member or your Staff need a Debt Counsellor?

How do you know if you need a Debt Counsellor for Debt Relief

A Consumer is considered to be over indebted if the money available after payment of essential living expenses is not enough to pay all other debt and may need the services of a debt counsellor

Herewith some indicators of over-indebtedness

A consumer is over-indebted when he/she cannot service all his/her debts in a timely manner as agreed in the credit agreements;

You use your credit card and overdraft facilities to pay debts;

You take out a loan to pay a loan;

You ask family and friends for loans

You are avoiding the recovery agent who is trying to arrange the voluntary surrender of your vehicle

You are in arrears with your child’s Statutory School Fees and/or private College Fees

Your staff continually ask you for loans or wage/salary advances

You skip payments on some accounts in order to pay others because you cannot keep up;

You cannot pay your bills at the end of the month;

You receive letters and summons from creditors and /or lawyers;

You receive sms and calls from Collection Agents

You can’t get any more new loans.

You can no longer afford private school for a child.

How I as a Debt Counsellor will help you

Reduce your debt repayments

Avoid legal action (unless you have waited to long but  we may still be able to include these accounts)

Avoid being blacklisted

Make affordable monthly repayments

Avoid losing your home or car or

We facilitate the dignified voluntary surrender of your vehicle back to the Credit Provider for auction or resale.

Deal with credit providers for you

Take home more of your salary for essential living costs

Guaranteed results if you meet the required criteria.

We Specialise In

Debt Mediation, Debt Counselling / Review

Budget drafting & Analysis of all your Debts

Rescission of Administration Orders

Your Debt Counsellor is your partner in your journey to financial freedom

Our role is to facilitate this process with all your credit providers and with the credit bureaus.

As debt counsellors we have an excellent relationship with the Credit Industry which allows for a more streamline negotiating and restructuring process.

You will be kept updated of progress vis sms and email.

We stay updated on all industry developments



We suggest you also immediately obtain your annual FREE credit bureau report from a Credit bureau called XDS telephonically on 011 645 9100 or call their call center on 086 093 7000 and ask for Credit Reports as this is the fastest method. They will ask you a few security questions to confirm your identity, addresses etc and you must have your current cell phone with you as they SMS you a security pin number to give back to the telephone operator who will then release the report to you. They will then email it to you. Please check it, then forward it to ourselves at for our files and our desk review. It can take only about 30 minutes for the email to be sent to you. We then arrange an appointment and discuss your options & our plan for you going forward.

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