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Hi There

I am Stuart McDonald. I have worked in a number of manufacturing companies in their accounting /accounts department since the age of 20.

I am familiar with debt collections from a commercial point of view and used to meeting tight monthly reporting deadlines for owners/directors/shareholders.

In my capacity now as a Debt Counsellor I will always act in a completely professional, confidential and transparent manner taking into account your essential living expenses and the expectations from your Credit Providers.

Call me for a FREE Desk Review then a FREE 1/2 consultation on the BEST way forward for you.

I present the FACTS and OPTIONS to you and you then make an informed decision on the best way forward for you and your family.

We will then do our best to execute this decision with the cooperation of your Credit Providers

I have an accounting background and now am able to put it to appropriate use in this Debt Review/Mediation/Collection industry.

stuarts picture image debt counselling profile oct 2017

stuarts picture image debt counselling profile oct 2017

Restructure your credit agreements by applying for Debt Counselling and get immediate protection against legal action.

One single affordable payment

Reduce your monthly repayment to your credit providers

Keep all your assets (but not 3 cars on HP)

Regain control of your debt

Pay only what you can afford and free up cash foir essential living expenses

Your assets are protected based on the National Credit Act

We reduce interest rates and extend repayment terms



Consolidate all your debt


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