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Law Failing Consumers Drowning in Debt

Law Failing Consumers Drowning in Debt - Debt-Elimination

Law failing consumers drowning in debt http://www.assistdebt.co.za The National Credit Regulator (NCR) needs more muscle to deal with rampant reckless lending, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) says. It needs the power to carry out “proactive” investigations, impose fines on reckless lenders and order compensation for consumers. So the DTI has proposed amending the National Credit Act (NCA) accordingly. As it stands, the Act prohibits reckless lending and makes it the job of a debt counsellor to check whether […]

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South Africas Debt Headache

Maxed out SA’s debt headache

Maxed out South Africa’s Debt Headache http://www.assistdebt.co.za South Africans are headed into the new year with a debt hangover that’s going to pound their heads far worse than any babbalas headache. And it’s not going to get better. They are maxed out. Experts are warning that 2016 will be extremely tough on the pocket and that consumer debt is in a state of crisis. They cite rising food prices, likely interest rate hikes, a bleak jobs outlook and festive season […]

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Little Loans can get you into BIG Trouble

Little Loans can get you into BIG Trouble

 Little loans can get you into big trouble http://www.assistdebt.co.za Reporters like me can get up to 15 press releases a day. A few are excellent: the message is useful and well crafted. Most are okay – the copywriter has found a topical angle in an attempt to make punting their client’s product newsworthy. And then there are those that are downright bad, like the one issued on behalf of LittleLoans.co.za last week. This is not a rant about bad press […]

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